OURstory began with HISstory: our designer Daniel Szohatzky started making lamp shades with Tiffany technology as a hobby. After years he come up with the idea of rethinking and making new wave and modern lamp shades using same solid technology. So he started to work in contemporary design and founded Glarecut in 2015.


GLASS, tin, copper and brass are the essential components for making our products. No plastic feeling, no anachronistic designs.


We believe in uniqueness. We believe in handmade. We say no for mass production. We create for life.

Our lamps don’t come out of a factory – instead, all of them have a serial number on their back.

We believe in making our lamps especially for you, with (the help of) our quality craftsmanship. This is never going to be easier than factory production, but this way all of our lamps will have a special story behind them.


Electrical safety tests are carried out on all our lamps, to ensure that they won’t cause any harm or fire, and they won’t have a risk of overheating, when used.


As all our lamps are made uniquely for you, it takes 1-2 weeks for the production process. We do ship immediately after that though, we know, you want it as quick, as possible.